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Fully-functional Unreal Tournament for Linux install package.

436 Installation Info

The current version of the UT436 installer script package is 1.2.  You may download it here:

The first time you run the script, you will probably get a message saying that a patch file was not found.  This is because the patches are not included, but they can be downloaded seperately. 

IMPORTANT: If you have the Game of the Year edition CD, this install may not yet work for you .. but if you want to try anyway, then you will have to download this file instead of the above file and then rename it to and proceed normally:

Do NOT cut and paste the contents of the file (or because the file is not all text and you will lose some of the data!

Additional patches that can be installed if you want are: To run the script, first download the script package and the appropriate patch files.  Then untar the package, move the patch files to the ut436-installer/patches directory, and then enter the ut436-installer directory and execute, i.e.:
  • tar zxvpf ut-linux-436-installer-1.2.tar.gz
  • mv ut436-installer/patches/
  • mv ut436-installer/patches/
  • mv ut436-installer/patches/
  • cd ut436-installer
  • . ./