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Server Utilities (ASU)

Fully-functional Unreal Tournament for Linux install package.

Dedicated Server Info

Loki Games has provided a pre-installed dedicated server-only package which you can copy to your own machine without the complications of the full install.  Here is a list of places that I have found where it can be downloaded from (88 MB):

Notice: Although the LokiGames version is the original version, it has three broken CTF maps in it!  The other link(s) should have fixed versions of these maps.

Installation is easy because it is already installed -- just pick a directory where you wish to put it and enter the following command:
  • tar zxvpf ut-server-436.tar.gz

Your server is installed!  To customize your server or to add mutators or to make any other changes, it is strongly recommended that you try out abfackelns Server Utilities (ASU).

Some additional packages that can be installed using ASU are: