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Fully-functional Unreal Tournament for Linux install package.

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If you have ever tried to install Unreal Tournament on a Linux box, you have no doubt come across a handful of pitfalls which make it difficult and annoying to set up.  It took me a long while to set up a server that was fully-functional and stable, and even longer to figure out how I did it.  For this reason, I have put together a comprehensive and very easy-to-use package of scripts and things that will address all of the issues which commonly plague the linux server administrator.

As of 2002-04-11, after close to three years of helping people install Unreal Tournament on their Linux boxes to enjoy a superior gaming system, this installer package has been officially deprecated in favour of abfackelns Server Utilities (ASU).  The installer packages themselves are now no longer required or supported.

New for 2001, there is now a spin-off package of scripts for the linux administrator who already has an installed server; abfackelns Server Utilities (ASU).  The key features to the server utility package is simple and coherent access to modify and maintain your server without having to memorize all of the key components of your .ini files and mutator packages.  The server utility package was first released for beta testing in March 2001 and is already a very useful tool although many more features for it are in the works.

Key features of abfackelns UT installer package:

  • NetGames WorldStats works properly.
  • The Epic "" umod will unpack properly.
  • Functional "rc.d" style init scripts to start and stop the server.
  • The UnrealTournament.ini file will be modified to provide you with working settings for DM, CTF, DOM and AS servers.  These preferences will be written to four seperate files and can be run using the provided "rc.d" style init scripts without any modification. 
  • Admin web server is installed by default and the URL will be posted in the F2 info until it is changed.
  • Script prompts for some user input including server name, admin name and admin email.
  • Login name and password (including console-mode password) are set when you run the script.
  • Four bots will be in each game by default, to get you started.
  • Bots, by default, adjust their skill to match the players.
  • Server will be advertised on the master server list by default.
  • Map or skin downloads of more than 100k will not be allowed by default.

This package is no longer supported.  Please go to the main Unreal Tournament for Linux site at