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abfackelns Server Utilities (ASU) for Unreal Tournament

Install ASU 0.6

First you should enter your UT Game directory.  In this example we are using /usr/games/unreal/

  • cd /usr/games/unreal/

Then you should download the current version of ASU.

Unzip the ASU package in your Unreal Tournament game directory.

  • unzip ut-master.zip

Now, check to be sure that the server is not already running because any changes to the server settings will not take effect if it is.
Then, finally, execute asu.sh using the bash shell.

  • bash asu.sh

You should now see a menu of things that you can do with your server.  You may want to check out all of them to see what they do.

ASU is currently in its beta-testing phase, and is being offered free without warrantee (as always).  If you have any problems, comments or suggestions please visit the abfackeln.com Unreal Tournament for Linux support page at https://github.com/abfackeln/ut