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abfackelns Server Utilities (ASU) for Unreal Tournament

Installing a Dedicated Unreal Tournament Server

Loki Games has provided a pre-installed dedicated server-only package which you can copy to your own machine without the complications of the full install. 

Notice:  This package does not contain the System/Editor.u file which may be required for some obscure maps and there is sometimes a problem with the libSDL version -- for more information, see the ASU FAQ

To install the server, log in as the user which you want to run the server as, change your working directory (using the unix "cd" command) to a directory where you wish to install the server and then enter the following command:
  • tar zxvpf ut-server-436.tar.gz

This will create a directory called "ut-server" and your server is now installed! 

Notice: If you must execute the above command as root, you should set the permissions of the directory so that all files are owned by the user that you wish to run the server as -- for example, you should now execute the command "chown -R nobody ut-server" if you want to run the server as the user "nobody".

To start (init) your server, customize your server, add mutators, or make any other changes, it is strongly recommended that you install ASU and check out the supported umods and patches.

ASU is currently in its beta-testing phase, and is being offered free without warrantee (as always).  If you have any problems, comments or suggestions please visit the abfackeln.com Unreal Tournament for Linux support page at https://github.com/abfackeln/ut