abfackelns Server Utilities (ASU) for Unreal Tournament

ASU Frequently Asked Questions

Minimum System Requirements

  • Linux kernel version 2.2.x.
  • glibc 2.1.1.
  • XFree86 3.3.5 library files.
  • Pentium II with 64 MB RAM. (128 MB or more recommended)
  • Hard disk with 550 MB of space.
  • The Unreal Tournament CD or a copy of it.

Additional Requirements

  • Requires perl and unzip to install the bonus pack(s).
  • Requires xdelta 1.1 to install the 4.13a patch.
  • Requires JDK 1.2 in order to run ng(Local)Stats.

Minimum Requirements for the Client System

  • XFree86 3.3.5 at 16bpp.
  • Video card capable of 640x480 resolution.
  • 3D accelerator card.
  • OSS compatible sound card.

I do not get a lot of feedback on the Client System which may be a good thing or a bad thing.

The server installation has been reported to work well with RedHat Linux 6.0, 6.1, 6.2 and 7.0.  It should also work fine with other Linux distributions which have kernel version 2.2.x.  It is also tested to work using RedHat Linux 5.2 with some RedHat Linux 6.0 packages, namely: glib-1.2.1-2 and glibc-2.1.1-6

ASU Supported Umods

You can get ASU to install all of your .umod files by putting them (or their .zip files) into your Patches directory before you run ASU. 

Some of the ngWorldStats approved packages which can be installed with ASU are:

Some additional packages which can be installed with ASU are:

  • BDB MapVote 302 (0.09 MB)
  • KickIdlers V2b (0.01 MB)
  • XMaps 228  [ Click for Info ]
  • Bloodtrails2 (I have not found a DL link yet)
  • ClusterRedeemer Beta1 (I have not found a DL link yet)
  • GrapplingHook (I have not found a DL link yet)
  • MoreGore (I have not found a DL link yet)
  • MutatorPack1 (I have not found a DL link yet)
  • PinataRetail (I have not found a DL link yet)
  • X-Mas2001 (I have not found a DL link yet)

This list is never complete.  If you know a umod which you have installed successfully with ASU, tell me and I will add it to the list.

Additionally, the following umods can be used to install the server code but do not support the linux client:

And here is the list of umods which are known to not work with ASU:

(None reported)

For the sake of being complete, here is a list of packages which simply do not offer a umod at all:

  • Tactical Ops 2.2+ (No Linux Client) (No umod)

ASU Patches

You may have noticed that ASU has a "Patch" section which will apply server patches automagically.  But have you ever wondered where you can get more patches?  ...

All you need to do is download one of the following ASU Patch files and put it into your Patches directory before you run ASU. 

The following patch files are currently available:

Download the ASU patch to your Patches directory and you are ready to go.

In case you need them, here are some old patch files:

* Warning:

  • UTPureRC59 (and possibly UTPureRC6E) does not allow Linux or Mac clients unless they have downloaded and installed the UTPure files manually and cleared their cache files.
  • CSHP40 and CSHP4+ are not compatible with the download redirection in ASU 0.4 unless you apply the asu-0.4-redirectfix-0.1 patch or disable the download redirect.

Install ASU

First you should enter your UT Game directory.  In this example we are using /usr/games/unreal/

  • cd /usr/games/unreal/

Then you should download the current version of ASU.

Unzip the ASU package in your Unreal Tournament game directory.

  • unzip ut-master.zip

Now, check to be sure that the server is not already running because any changes to the server settings will not take effect if it is.
Then, finally, execute asu.sh using the bash shell.

  • bash asu.sh

You should now see a menu of things that you can do with your server.  You may want to check out all of them to see what they do.

Installing Unreal Tournament

Since you are running X, (if you are not running X Windows then go to the dedicated server installation section) you can take advantage of Loki Games' pretty little TCL-like script which will make installation a snap.  You can get their installer here (6.2 MB):

You only need one of the above files but which one it is depends on which CD you have.  And, remember, these files are binary and must not be downloaded as ascii or text.

If you do not have a CD then you have a few choices:

  • Install the dedicated server.
  • Copy the CD into a new directory on your hard drive.

Now, you should have everything that you need.  Start an xterm session (or any shell in X Windows) and log yourself in as root.  Unfortunately, this installer seems to only work reliably if you execute it with root permissions -- you may be able to beat it into submission without knowing the root password but i have not actually tried this.

If your CD is mounted someplace other than /cdrom (or if you have a copy of it on your hard drive) then you must run the following command before starting the installer:

  • export SETUP_CDROM=/path/to/my/cdrom

And, finally, execute the install.sh script through sh or bash, like so:

  • bash install.sh
This will invoke the installer window and you are on your way!

Installing a Dedicated Unreal Tournament Server

Loki Games has provided a pre-installed dedicated server-only package which you can copy to your own machine without the complications of the full install. 

Notice:  This package does not contain the System/Editor.u file which may be required for some obscure maps and there is sometimes a problem with the libSDL version -- for more information, see the ASU FAQ

To install the server, log in as the user which you want to run the server as, change your working directory (using the unix "cd" command) to a directory where you wish to install the server and then enter the following command:
  • tar zxvpf ut-server-436.tar.gz

This will create a directory called "ut-server" and your server is now installed! 

Notice: If you must execute the above command as root, you should set the permissions of the directory so that all files are owned by the user that you wish to run the server as -- for example, you should now execute the command "chown -R nobody ut-server" if you want to run the server as the user "nobody".

To start (init) your server, customize your server, add mutators, or make any other changes, it is strongly recommended that you install ASU and check out the supported umods and patches.

Installing UT2003

Coming soon...

Installing a Dedicated UT2003 Server

The first thing that you need to do before installing your server is to log in as the user which you want to run the server as (do not install the server as root) and download the "Dedicated Server" installer file.

Now, unzip the installer file (it does not matter what directory you are doing all this in -- we will select the game directory later) and it should produce a .bin file and a .md5 file.  You want to execute this .bin file now.
  • unzip ut2003dedicatedserver-linux.zip
  • sh ut2003lnxded.sh.bin

The installer will start out with a licence agreement and ask you to agree.  If you do, it will then ask if you want to read the "README" file.  This is up to you but it might proove useful to read.  Next, you must decide on a directory where you will install the server.  This should be a directory which does not already exist and it should be located somewhere that you will have permission to create it.  Then, you will be asked where to put the symbolic links -- you probably are not even going to use these so you might just enter /tmp and then delete them later.  Now, just confirm that it is all okay and it should start installing!  When it is done, it will ask if you want to start a web browser, which you probably do not.

At about this time, you will want to get your cdkey which should be in the form of a text file in your System directory.
For your server to appear in the global server list and participate in UT2003 stats, your server needs to be allocated a CD Key. Please visit this website to get your server CD key:

MORE TO COME .. .. ..

ASU Version History

  • Version 0.6 (2002-06-06) serious fixes to the umod package installer again, thanks to killing from barrysworld and to misaka and avatar for their work on umodpack.pl -- this should be the first umod reader for linux that actually works reliably .. more improvements to the ucc.init server startup script (equivalent to the 0.5.3 patch) .. and many small bug fixes .. again, there were really no new features.
  • Version 0.5 (2002-01-25) serious fixes to the umod package installer, configurable redirect info, much improved ucc.init server startup script ("infinity" and "die" are no longer necessary to enable the server auto-restart feature; just use "start" and "stop") and many small bug fixes .. there were really no new features but it works a whole lot nicer.
  • Version 0.4 (2001-06-22) some bugs were found and killed but mostly this was a huge clean-up in the interface to make the system much more usable .. new features include "infinity" command for the startup script which will make sure the server restarts if it crashes and a companion "die" command to kill the "infinity" command .. bonus pack mutators are detected properly when building an init script now .. improved the "validate" command to search for a more potential server errors and cleaned up the umod installer.
  • Version 0.3 (2001-04-04) this was intended to be version 0.2 but i recalled 0.2 before it was released to fix a few bugs.  as far as i know, everything works at this time (knock on wood) but there are many more new features to come, including a bot editor (names and faces mostly -- nothing too fancy yet) and some improvements on the umod validator.  stay tuned .. and keep sending me feedback.
  • Version 0.2 (2001-04-01) not released but some people found it and downloaded it, so i gave it its own version number.
  • Version 0.1 (2001-03-06) prototype release.

ASU Unreal Tournament for Linux

If you have ever tried to install Unreal Tournament on a Linux box, you have no doubt come across a handful of pitfalls which make it difficult and annoying to set up.  It took me a long while to set up a server that was fully-functional and stable, and even longer to figure out how I did it. 

Over time, I have attempted to share my knowledge with the Linux-Unreal community by providing patches, scripts and a complete server installer package which has been developed for 4 different versions of Unreal Tournament (402a, 413a, 428a and 436) since its first release in 1999.  However, installing your server is only the beginning.  Which is where ASU comes in:  ASU is an extensive utility consisting mostly of scripts and patches and a simple-to-use, menu-based interface.  ASU will allow you to customize your server in seconds without having to remember all of the optimizations and tweaks that every server needs to get running smoothly.  Even if you are not a server administrator, you can use ASU to install umods and patches on to your Unreal Tournament for Linux client.

Key features of abfackelns UT installer package:

  • Easy-access to modify most of the common ini settings.
  • Umod installation and removal.
  • Intelligent patching system with patches for CSHP and ngWorldStats.
  • Custom "rc.d" style init scripts to start and stop the server.
  • Init script options to ensure that the server stays up!
  • Configurable number of bots to be in each game by default.
  • Map or skin download redirection of files larger than 100k.

ASU Unreal Tournament for Linux News

Here is an ASU patch for the UT 451 Patch from UTPG.  This adds many, many security fixes to the regular 436 server -- I even added the fix to the login crash bug ("LoadClassMismatch" in Core.int) so it is highly recommended even though a 451 server does generally require more CPU than the regular 436 server.  And once again, here is the UTPureRC6E patch for ASU.  But, also once again, be warned:  Rumour has it that this version of UTPure has that old problem which does not allow Linux or Mac clients to connect unless they install the UTPureRC6E package manually and empty their cache directory.  At this time, I have not actually confirmed if this is true or not.

Only about a month late this time, here is the latest UTPureRC6B patch for ASU.

Hot off the press, here is the UTPureRC6A patch for ASU.  This version should now allow Linux and Mac clients to connect without all the manual install nonsense.

Crazy holidays; everything is out-of-date now.  Okay, honestly, I have been absorbed by a lot of things, including converting ASU to work with UT2003 and some comprehensive UT2003 installation instructions -- not yet available but getting there.  What I do have is the latest version of the UTPureRC59 patch for ASU.  But be warned:  This version does not allow Linux or Mac clients to connect unless they install the UTPureRC59 package manually and empty their cache directory.

Crazy long weekend; everything is out-of-date now.  Ah, well, here are the latest IpDrv-436-20020820 and UTPureRC53 patches for ASU.

Over the weekend, Epic tentatively released a network driver patch but then recalled it for more testing.  This patch is supposed to stop a DoS security problem with the original network driver that has recently been exploited with some regularity.  It is also rumored to fix the Web Admin problems with Kernel 2.4 servers but this has not yet been confirmed.  This patch is still experimental and it is not currently being distributed by Epic but if you need this patch, it is now available in ASU Patch format under the name IpDrv-436-20020803.

Okay, again, I was about a week late on this one -- they are coming so fast! -- when it rains, it pours; here is yet another UTPure update:  UTPureRC51 is now available in ASU Patch format.  For the details on RC51, check out this thread

Okay, I was about a week late getting RC5x.  Fact is, nobody had told me that they had another update.  To top it off, just as I was writing this, I see an update; seems they have RC5z already!  Bah.  Well, anyway, here are the both of them!  Both UTPureRC5z and UTPureRC5x are now available in ASU Patch format.  For the details on RC5z, check out this thread

A day late but here it is:  UTPureRC5w is now available in ASU Patch format.  For the details on this particular version, check out this thread

The FTP server is alive again.  Thank you all for your patience.  I am sorry if I did not reply to any of the emails that were sent to me during the time that it was down but I was a little swamped.  You never know how many people use your product until there is a problem with it.  Thanks to k0adh for installing the server and to proftpd and debian for being so cool, no thanks to wu-ftpd and redhat for being lame.

Okay, somebody felt that it was absolutely necessary to hack the FTP server (mental note: no more wu-ftpd servers) so the files are temporarily unavailable.  I am working on upgrading to another FTP server but I do not have a whole lot of time and it is distracting me from the work that I actually get paid for, so this could be a while.  I hope to have it running again by Monday but no promises.  "We apologize for the inconvenience."

ASU 0.6.  Any questions?

The Init Script Installer has been patched again!  New features of asu-init-installer-0.5.3 include rotating log files, a provision to catch runaway processes, and many other smaller fixes.  It is also generally more flexible for those of you that will be wanting to tweak your ucc.init scripts.

UTPureRC5v is now available in ASU Patch format.  For the details on this particular version, check out this thread on the CSHP Forums.

UTPureRC5u is now available in ASU Patch format.  For the details on this particular version, check out this thread on the CSHP Forums.

After close to three years of helping people install Unreal Tournament on their Linux boxes to enjoy a superior gaming system, the abfackeln ut-linux installer package has been officially deprecated in favour of abfackelns Server Utilities (ASU).  The installer packages themselves are now no longer required or supported and there are now instructions to install the client and the server on the ASU pages.

UTPureRC5p is now available in ASU Patch format.  For the details on this particular version, check out this thread on the CSHP Forums.

There is a new Init Script Installer Patch for creating your ucc.init files.  There were some problems with the ucc.init files that were generated with ASU 0.5 and this should fix most of those problems.  Another patch for this is expected in the near future, as well as a patch for the umod installer.

ASU is currently in its beta-testing phase, and is being offered free without warrantee (as always).  If you have any problems, comments or suggestions please visit the abfackeln.com Unreal Tournament for Linux support page at http://ut.abfackeln.com/support.html